Luminous creeps (PAM1552)

« Luminous creeps » is a storytelling after the manner of couper/foutre.

A luminous creep: someone who vaunts a power of insight that is meant to transcend any situation, and in particular whichever given situation that the creepy luminosity instantly transforms into its own receptacle. I can tell that you’re afraid to go to this party. How can you tell I’m afraid, you don’t know me. I can tell because of my ability to detect fear.

Luminous creeps: the aftereffects a luminous creep can produce, the echo or reverberation that stays on after the situation is over; the unwanted gift of the luminous creep; the real transcendent power.

DISCLAIMER. Japan is just in this EP the arbitrary name for any possible destination aimed at by nonchalant freelancers, as they say in their awful skat : « yeah, I’d move to Berlin but my girlfriend wants to move to Japan so maybe I’ll move to Japan. »

19 avril 2015