Ja / Nein / Unbekannt (PAM2552)

A form (as in Formular) goes in two directions. A forms goe tand 1 tries. One tries to collect information about the subject in order to feed the culturenomnomnomos and confirm its categories (z.B. Hund, aufgewachsen, Katze, Esel, weiblich, usw.).

Your photo
is a vital part
of your application
and must be submitted
as an attachment
of your online

The second one « I thinkers » is like to analyse the subject in terms of how they is, how can they box defined into one’s culture so radio button he gets a safe space, like on a medical form, doing a survey of these parameters applying to you so that what can you do.

Your portrait
must be:
800×600 pixel,
jpeg/jpg format
only, in color,
taken within the last 6 months
to reflect your current appearance,

Like that was my thought when I wrote it on the form, give me a Schlafplatz in your Konsultationsraum. About it I don’t know how strong the argument is.

taken in front of a plain white
or off-white
taken in full-face view
directly facing the camera,

go formunkulus go

So you’re talking about reproduction of the categories of the subject in some sort. Or of the hound. But that’s the subject anyway.

with a neutral facial expression
and both
eyes open.

Perfektionismus Perfektionismus Perfektionismus Perfektionismus schuechternheit Perfektionismus Perfektionismus Perfektionismus Perfektionismus ein gefühl der einsamkeit entscheidungsunfaehigkeit
innere lehre
das gefuehl
rededrang rededrang
Perfektionismus Perfektionismus
pessimismus pessim is muss.

28 juin 2015