HOLES & other poem


A tourist map of key points of interest would feature a number of salient features that developed over the course of a quarter-century of increasing depth.

The « hole » in this map metaphor naturally derives from an abstract, mystical dimension, as well as a literal and biographical lower-case coordinate-hole. The almost living crags which, fatefully, are coterminous with underlying geographical realities, were born and grew up. Life and customs become a kind of mythical, eternal realm, populated by a circle of voices – a kind of chorus, or Paulstretch – filled with traditions of inherited wisdom, side by side with the ironic commonalities of social life.

Second (bzw. Third), the motif of blindness – the blindness of the hole, which can only hole insofar as it doesn’t tunnel – the motif of an incomplete jailbreak or ATM theft – entails the paradox that the blind moles ‘inside’ the hole can hear beyond, and through, the world that is external to it (and that defines it as hole) and, moreover, that the moles are amplified by the recurrent presence of the voice of likewise (cf. The Voice of Results). The icon once fulfilled a parallel oracular hole: ‘I do not make use of paper, but of pages …’ until it was totally replaced by the icon.

This brings up a final, and basic, concern in turn: letters, words, poetry, art, and the role of the imagined, the esthetic, the psychologically deep, in uncovering and representing truth. Truth is innately spiritual ; qua innate, internal ; qua internal, hole.
In a richly suggestive, humorous story, characteristic of poetry, Typich, who ‘can feels the stones of flame in the Paul …’ tells his recalcitrant apprentices that ‘the reduction / of noise is a face, my sons …’ And the poem, as usual, gives Father its riddling last words: ‘If you do not sense the narcotic emanations of the Stones, you cannot Paint It Hole. But if we do not find ourselves, we cannot get to work.’

1. A hole to hell
2. Click hole (your tongue explodes like jailbreaks in my head)
3. There and back again
4. That’s a long way down

10 mai 2015