We made it to just over half way

halfpay warty

so it seemed logical

artwy alfphay

to celebrate that making

phwlfay artay

with us, so we invited us

yatra yaflwhp

to a halfway party

yatray falwhp

to celebrate it

phwalf trayay

by recording some things

yayrat hapwlf

some of us came

fapwhl raytya

some of us couldn’t

pawfhl tryaya

some of us recorded some things

hafplw ytraya

some others

ratyaya fphwl

and some wouldn’t

fayaya trphlw

How do you do

Dodo Whoyou

in your poetry

tonier youpry

a party

rapt ay

in your poetry

pyrite yonour

do you improvise

in your poetry

do you collaborate

in your poetry

is the cup half full or half empty

if it’s half full

is that a good thing

if it’s half empty

is that no problem

in your poetry

in a good way

if it’s a miracle

can it be disappointing

acab pinioned spitting

9 juillet 2015