BRUTAL ACQUAINTANCES – the liner notes






acqua in brutal tanz es

tanz es

sunday night

pity any of the march and eyes

herzlich willkommen.

treten sie ein

ihre füße

voraus in mein Gesicht

(sagte die Flur.)

“might find themselves born in stone pillars, beneath rows of seats, in brooms, or the like, experiencing the tremendous pain of being cramped and disregarded by the human beings who are making use of these objects.” (lkjdgn)


brutal acquaintances:

  • acquaintances who (qua persons) are brutal
  • what we bump into while traversing a limited region / the ones who bump into each other while traversing a limited region
  • what happens to think of us, think fit to make itself get acquainted with us, get into our area, room
  • , brain, zone
  • what happens to come up
  • /down
  • what we just so happen to bump into while traversing a limited region, e.g., a week, a day, an afternoon, 10 minutes, bömische platz, les tuileries, things like that, before 12 o’clock.


bump. bis denni. see you later. à demain. à la semaine prochaine. (one has all sorts of things to say about the brutal acquaintance of meeting your psy twice a week)


“Rabbits do not know what they are.”


but the psy knows that humans are not rabbits and that in the occurrence of an acquaintance the act of identifying them as such would mean a brutal acquaintance that might institutionalise their new acquaintance.


“A baby has several choices all of which are unknown.”


Hi, dear friend!!!!

Finally I dared to send you a letter.

I had not used the Internet before and that is the reason why I did not decide to send you a message the very first moment.


nobody here but us chickens…


brutal because it so happens to happen like that. refuses to make sense. collides. (percussion.) the dumb coincidence of absurdity, necessity, and technique – “7 hours by train from Berlin to Mannheim – brutal!”


an acquaintance is brutal because and when it presupposes a simultaneity of being without providing an airbag of common truth. It gives B, who meets A, the opportunity to say: I don’t know A very well but, according to my experience, B’ (Bs accumulated acquaintances (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ) over the time span of B becoming Bnow (B1, May 2006, writes  “met D in a bar… D turned out to be…” in diary; B2 Sunday morning called F said “saw S at the demo, S looked like…”, B3 “went to dinner at G’s, what the hell… I preferred G – 2.7 ” in June 1999 etc.), and their development (Aetc) as caught in the time-frame of Blife), I find A to be rather like C, because according to the experience B’, I have historically seen C1(April 2001) turn into Cnow by having reacted exactly like A in different circumstances. And vice versa. Thus, installing a brutal identification in the space of acquaintance between A and B.


Acting out the identification is installing its brutal nature. It determines how A is going go be handled by B. A handshake, a kiss, a hug, a nod, an amicably gratuitous yet emotionally devoid sigh (“na ja…”), a light conversation with extended underlying disapproval, a wish to cut off the state of acquaintance and drop it into the nothing of the interchangeable mass … or to hand-elevate it into the perfumed zones of friendship.



My names are Aisha Gaddafi, 37, years the only biological daughter of late Libya president Gaddafi, I want to use this opportunity to inform you that I need a very honest and reliable person that can help me look for a profitable business/ company to invest into there in your country then you let me know while and provide account where I can transfer the sum of$67.500.000.00 us d for the investment in your country


Acquaintance is privative. It’s someone I know, who isn’t my friend (and isn’t for the moment particularly obviously my enemy). The possibility of friendship logically precedes acquaintance, although one must first have acquaintance before friendship can unfold.

– is it a friend? – no it’s just someone I know

– is it a friend? – no, but it could be an acquaintance (quand c’est une prise rapide)


a kiss/ two kisses/ a hug/ a handshake are possible gestures that establish acquaintance and can rapidly alternate — i go to acquaint, extend my hand, am met with a kiss, and go for the hug — an acquaintance curve in 1 second


“brutal acquaintances” is both a pleonasm and an oxymoron, the predicate is mismatched, yet obvious.

we are all brutally/to the very bottom/well-


with the brutal thumping and bumping

of getting acquainted …


“In particular, pleonasm sometimes serves the same function as rhetorical repetition—it can be used to reinforce an idea, contention or question, rendering writing clearer and easier to understand.


put into a certain rhythm, that of to “know socially”. “oh, I knew him socially.” e.g.

“A. He was a member of the faculty, and I knew him socially.

  1. What was his specialty?
  1. He was a professor of Zdfjwogjijiqwoyj.
  1. How did you meet him; do you remember?

(nobody says that anymore).


brutal acquaintance – can emerge in circumstances of the most minimal coincidence – a joint time/space incidence that imposes the recognition of its occurrence – “we” can be seen on the same photo – anything in common is not required

“Q. At whose house?”


Note you will have 30% of the total funds after the transfer of the funds to your account while I will further the process of the investment with remaining balance


brutal implies « objective hostility »


  1. I don’t really remember but it must have been at L’s since there were quite a lot of gatherings around L at the time.


“brutal acquaintances” is a predicative mindfuck in the cliché-fields defined by “unsocial sociability” / my freedom stopping where the others’ begins


  1. are you acquainted with this pleonasm?


“The worldliness of living things means there is no subject that is not also an object and appears as such to somebody else, who guarantees its ‘objective’ reality … Living beings, men and animals, are not just in the world, they are of the world , and this precisely because they are subjects and objects – perceiving and being perceived at the same time.” H. Arendt


“might find themselves born in stone pillars, beneath rows of seats, in brooms, or the like…”


(the brutality of someone being in a bad mood)

une échelle de brutalité

comme la graduation dans la douleur

“entre 1 et 10 …”


  1. What did you think of him?


in the realm of acquaintance i grade this 5+

à chaque barreau de l’échelle correspondrait une prise / une vitesse / une modalité

ou confrontation immédiate (forme moderne du duel

plus d’épées plus de pistolets

mais des corps évanouissants

dans le grand plouf-plouf des contingences étranges)


merkel got slapped on the hintern by berlusconi


friends can be violent

tomber/se trouver nez à nez sur/avec — bump into

an acquaintance can only be brutal

the brutality “of doing things differently” without knowing the difference

it appears in form of vanishing judgement


There aren’t any definitions for definition yet.

Can you define it?

A series of words is used to explain the meaning of another word; sometimes don’t make sense. e.g., Ran: to have run. Pain: Strong, sharp physical discomfort. by Xavier breath March, 21, 2005. i.e., Xavier breath used to write definitions in March (2005) – “entre 1 et 10 …”, comme la graduation dans la douleur. gradus ad brutalum.


Please I want you to exercise some patience reading through this mail enable you have good understanding, meanwhile I will appreciate you to ignore and delete this mail from your mail box if you are not interested beeing my partner for the investment project in your country, meanwhile I got your email contact from Google from people chamber of commerce  while I was searching for a reliable and honest person that will partner with me for the investment project to whose ever it may concern country


“Someone who finds himself in one of the temporary hells must undergo the pain of being cooked in molten bronze in various vessels. The wardens of that hell force-feed him with blazing metal hammers, and he has no choice but to swallow them. They also force him to drink molten bronze (etc).” The ability of limited beings to experience certain sensations, intensities. Who will your body be in one of these temporary hells? If you can’t even touch a lightbulb with your finger, do you have to be a bumper car to swallow a blazing metal hammer?


  1. I made you, now you must pay!!
  2. What’s your name again?
  1. Your creator!!


Acquaintance: The act of masturbating with your weaker/opposite hand. “Since my right hand was boring and so familiar, I finally had to give myself an acquaintance to get off last night.”


/// the logic of the cutup/fold-in/read-across the columns – brutal acquaintances that, as words, don’t even have the decency to know they are appearing next to each other.


Man Rapes 25 in Fight

For Life & by then you

know it’s time to go

tropical skiing

(John Forbes, “Up, Up, Home & Away”)


Please I will like to hear from you about the nature of the business to invest the money with and your experience, even if you are not interested in the business if you can assure me that my funds will be save once it is transferred  into your account then you will still have the 30% of the total funds the sum $67.500.000.00 dollars


where would you put him on a scale of impossibility, that runs from “brutal acquaintances” to “tropical skiing”?


cet homme est la définition d’une acquaintance brutale


Soit l’énoncé X

en territoire propice

alles fließt

tu fais quoi dans la vie?

ce que je fabrique de dedans

tu veux pas qu’on aille chez toi pour continuer ?

ils vont cuisiner maintenant

travaille chez Sodexo

ça va être le bordel

acte caractérisé de détournement


réduire l’adversaire au silence

et rien


autour du pot

ouais les airbnb guys c’est un peu brutalisant

mais y’a pas d’accointances vraiment


c’est blé

c’est difficile de connaître du blé dans un bordel







ou iche

jef inis

le dite

e to n


les autos tamponneuses

lettered bumper-cars


une série de brutal acquaintances

sur un champ social / un champ de force / un “terrain”

in which your goal is to avoid everyone

but your thrill is to bump into someone (even though u know it’s gonna be brutal)

par choc de deux territoires (connaissance par infractions)

*JURK et la série des brutal acquaintances : 1/ le contrôleur 2/ le chauffeur de bus (3/ (ou 1/) le peintre-amant) / “ oui. / écoute.. j’ai 100 florins, tu les veux en échange du’ petit service? dégage clodo. Que dirais tu de 100 florins? T’approches pas vieux pervers. Toi aussi tu deviendras vieille toi aussi et tu verras. C’est quoi ? un baiser. Oui, un baiser délicieux. Tu as un dentier? juste en haut. Pas question. S’il te plaît. J’ai du dentifrice. Et de l’eau ? il y a une fontaine là bas. 100 florins? 100 florins. Vous êtes sous traitement? ce n’est pas une sorte de pari? Herman a monté tout ça? “


the brutal acquaintance of the panic attack of saturday 12 septembre


on the 12th of September I met:

a french keyboard brutally misspelling everything I say

a piano player brutally playing his music in a bookshop

a kassierin not allowing me to get a tisane


brutal acquaintances

they’re a kind of “private vermittlungen” (prises de contact privées)

a shuttle between

the remoteness of the unknown (the mass of people you don’t know but live with, or around)

and the

the intimity of the friendshipness



where are you from? need a room? ok let me call someone. hi. you don’t know me, but i have your number. 4 people? a family? ok, they’ll take you. get in this cab. look for two americans in glasses who have a purple cat, they’ll be standing outside the McPaper. they don’t speak any ________.


if we think of aoejhrger

installed in the qwreqwetrp recently

and didn’t perceive a poitzßhnpz that was irritating to muzwt of us

so in this case

aoejhrger is on the field

but what makes aoejhrger a brutal acquaintance to most of us

is the very powayfnmb that

aoejhrger doesn’t perceive

our relative hostility

to qsrlmgdkvneqrùsgh

btrplbmdglb poitzßhnpz


the acquaintances :

> the one that remains in the bag of acquaintances, in spite of consequente time sharing

> the one that is in the bag of acquaintances as in the purgatory to(wards) friendship

the one that slowly recedes from the  whirlpool of friends/lovers into the death wall of acquaintance

the one that is forcefully pushed (ex: via the gift, via the presence in devastating circumstances) into the friendship pool


only information remains

the rest is noise




la logique joue son violon.

there are two kinds of knowledge :

  • one has an inferentially justified belief that p when one’s belief that p depends for its justification on justified belief in some other proposition(s) from which one can legitimately infer p
  • and one has a foundationally or noninferentially justified belief that p when one’s belief that p is justified but does not depend on any other beliefs for its justification.= justified by acquaintance

According to foundationalism regarding justification, we have some foundationally justified beliefs, and all other justified beliefs must depend for their justification on foundationally justified beliefs.


Many objections and concerns have been raised against the acquaintance approach :

  • the Sellarsian Dilemma : some scientists have clearly demonstrated that our feet couldn’t be the great-thinker of the body, the great master of the brutal-acquaintance machine. However Pascalian’s theory insists on the fact that my foot is always producing noninferentially justified knowledge


  • Sosa’s problem :




an ancestor is a parent or a parent of an ancestor.


« acquaintance » is such a complicated word. the dictionary says « a person one knows slightly, but not as a close friend« . that definition does not even begin to explain what an acquaintance is. and acquaintance can be the example given by the dictionary. it can also be a person that you will not accept friendship from. it can be someone that you know almost everything about, yet you deny friendship of the said person. it can be a friend who you don’t see that much, or don’t feel close to. to be an « acquaintance » means much more than to not be friends. acquaintance can not really be defined in a few words, it’s just that type of thing that takes a laid out explanation rather than a definition. an acquaintance can range from anywhere between love and hate, and that doesn’t mean it can’t be either of the two. it could even be both at the same time. an acquaintance can be many things. and i could go on and on about it, but i feel like i should stop here.


but then again. we might continue this conversation some other time. after all, we just met. Herzlich Willkommen.


About me and the reason why I am now in Burkina Faso as you can read more in the linked below

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