Booklet of the General Kicking of the Boot (PAM5152)

1: When the age will have gathered up too many fathers, yet few provisions, the Young-Men will go out from the Rose in search of some non-junk.

2: The reign of the Sagouinate will come among the Young-Men, sickness mistaken for health, lasting for a quarter of an hour.

3: The voice of results will sing many songs of the republic; the voice of results shall chant the songs of the republican state aloud.

4: The Young-Men and Women shall wrongly think themselves to be covered in warmth and safety, and their ears shall be deluded, as though the many charlatans were providing ample tips and commodious apartments.

5: And though their bodies may arrive in difficulties, and their corporeal structures arrive in coils that they cannot solve, they shall not necessarily be able to extract themselves, though they follow orders given one to another.

6: And those who read in the book of exercise shall raise their voice in song, in praise of Ep, knowing that wishful time is different, now is repetition eternal, and they shall see the unknowing sink into the fires of office.

7: And then all manner of tracts shall be whispered into the ears of the highly sensitive persons, and though the voice be soothing, the content shall be found unseemly, no matter the relaxing effect that the sound be taken to have.

8: And each poet shall reveal its innate two-facedness, the man on the edge in the family of the alien, and the alien in the family of the man on the edge; the curse visited on the burners of historical books will form the subject of televised entertainment.

9: And then an ambiguous and ill-defined entity, a continuous void at the level of visible movements, will embark upon the infinite void of uniform movements, to the consternation of those who remain in bonds at the level of the generative bodies.

10: And the dog of appropriation will descend and appropriate the age of new beginnings and say nothing new about death; in that moment the dog will be heightened and glamorized as it passes through the road nine times since its birth, and give cause for great pleasure in the lord.

11: In the turning of dispersal and when the Rabbit walks abroad, the couple will speak of their consternation in a western city, and close to the border shall they articulate their distress at things of the past, present and future.

12: While the visitors return to the Rose, the laundry will be washed, dried, and folded; when the guests are on the couch of the Rose shall the laundry be cleaned and dried.

13: And the police will be unto them as a sign of the dullness of things, and the dullness of things for them as children and as adults will be as a sign to them, of the police.

14: And then everything will be given to everybody; but it will soon come out that it is but a selection of everything, or but a photograph of the declaration that everything be given to everybody, and not the giving and taking itself: and that much remained ungiven, to the consternation of many, if not all.

15: And the luminous creeps will wave from their window and fall to their creepy destination, where they shall still ask if it make happy, and for eternity.

16: And there will be nothing to celebrate: the bodies will cause great fury under the taffetas and a thunderous noise will be created, without the voices of the bodies, but with the noises of the bodies.

17: And each shall be called upon to recognize its enormity: all shall be its own beginning and the beginning shall herald its miserable end and pray to the false deity of the comic mop.

18: The four holes will be plumbed, and the noise of the holes will come out of the holes and be audible throughout the rest of the place to be.

19: The 91 doctors will go the wrong way down life, and they will not find themselves at all, though they search for themselves on the great map: but the bread will be bread, whether or not it contain the hair it is rumoured to contain.

Ep. 20: And the flesh will spot itself as the commodities on the shelves of the great mall, where the cousin had gotten lost and the dog of appropriation come and covered his tracks. And the streets shall be paved with sinful sitzmöglichkeiten, on which the evildoers will be seated, to watch their bodies be sold.

21: And a tractate will appear thereto, in which the erroneous words of the scornful men will be justified, though it be in vain; consternation in the house of poetry will be supplanted by feasting and indistinction of persons in the Rose, though it be in vain.

22: And there will be one who teaches a new singing style and is wrongfully imitated; and the first one shall be established as the father of it all, and instill in all of it a great fear of wrongfully imitating. So shall all strive, though they fail to imitate correctly. And in all this will be caused first, great pain, and second, great revolt.

23: And then a serpent of normal-tree wood will trouble the sale of the beautiful letters on the market for which they had been destined. Strange letters will appear, causing great confusion and heralding the reign of the white hand cream, made of normal-tree wood, which shall endure for one century.

24: And once the century has been endured it will be declared that it is analyzing, and that this analyzing will bear valid opinions that shine as the truth, and such a voice will make itself be heard over the land that it will cause all other analyses to tremble in fear, as this analysis shall be the most splendid and the most opinionated.

25: And the age of the analyses shall be followed by the age of thunderous questions, to which only three answers will be allowed.

26: And this shall mark that a full half of the end has already taken place, and that the other half shall have passed over sooner than one thinks; and the arrival of the white flakes shall accelerate the second half until its end. And the evildoers will copulate in the zoo, though it be in vain.

27: At this time, when the white flakes are blowing from the north unexpectedly, and cover all the land with delight and relaxation, in the place to be, they shall attempt the singing of rituals, though the effect be not religious, though it be in vain.

28: And though the flakes dry up to nothing, and they go out from the place to be, they shall continue to sing their foolish songs, yea, they shall even continue to sing them though they are in motion, from a chariot, though it be in vain.

29: And though they all perform, they shall be recorded; perform as they might, their deeds shall remain upon the platforms, though it be in vain.

30: And on their platform, there will be found many salads, and many wasps, as farrago of wasps in a bottle will it be; there will be a short firework, and a hieratic thing.

31: At a table, with an author, a relativist, and a white petit-bourgeois, the couple shall find themselves astonished; though they seek words, they will find few; and though the author and the relativist and the white petit-bourgeois seek not for words, they will come across many: and the tape will slow down and speed up as it has occasion.

32: And though they shall have traveled long distances, they will not escape the age of hatred, as it shall be written; and they shall have to be in conformity with the norm, as it has been written; and they will refer to each other as treasure, though it be in vain.

33: And the cooked hearts will descend to the level of the evildoers, in order to feed them, and the evildoers will digest their lives after having them, though it be in vain.

34: And if one will travel to make up for the fault of the others, his percussion will be disdained; though the others lie dormant while the one toils in sweat, his horse will be an object of scorn, he will whip it, though it be in vain.

35: And they will speak in tongues that are strange to them and they will listen to their voices and not understand, though it be in vain.

36: And the evildoers will call each other friends, and those who are only acquaintances will refer to each other as acquaintances; and they will brutalize each other with the knowledge of each other, though it be in vain.

37: And the monster of prosody will reign over the next age, and distinguish between music and poetry.

38: And constancy itself will be but an oscillating movement, though it be in vain.

39: And wisdom itself will be but a format, and truth itself will be but a compression, though it be in vain.

40: And the Young-Men shall discuss and produce commentaries on the book of the hard life and the book of the soft life, and the denizens of the small house will write to them for guidance, though it be in vain.

41: The dog of appropriation will see itself reflected in the palace of mirrors, and it will see its pale ghost re-treated between the king and queen of swords.

42: And the young ones will sing songs of the greatest impertinence, and though they see their own doom they will reject it; they will search for their enemy among their elders, and write a tractate against them, though it be in vain.

43: And they will upload their voices in praise of false deities, and they will get lost in the words that they will address to them.

44: And all things will be both very big and very small; and the very big will look especially big in comparison to the very small; and conversely, even though the very small look very big when looked at very closely, just as the very big when looked at from afar looks just as small as the very small when looked at somewhat more closely.

45: Each of the four predictions will be matched to one of the four lifestyles, and the four predictions will be made to expand from within, and the lifestyles will be extended, and yet maintained, though the maintenance be in vain.

46: And a great Bernard will have died in the past, and though they seek to take his obsequy from his obloquy, their efforts will have proved to be in vain.

47: In that time, the very tracks of grace will be hard to distinguish, for grace itself will be but as the surface of a muddy pond.

48: And their hearts will be as the salad of their nation. And as the day of the coming of the last one will be anticipated on the markets, they will eat their hearts of national salad, and tremble in fear, though they know that the end neareth itself.

49: And in their sleep will appear strange visions, and collecting and assembling and cutting and chucking the visions they will remark that the visions can be collected and assembled and cut and chucked in any order; and remarking this will fill them up with anguish, for they will know at last that they have lost their way.

50: And in that age, there will be no more jokers, and Horst Jutentag shall come down and moderate the end; and the fathers will vibrate; and the virtue will be taken care of; and nothing suggested, though nothing condoned.

51: VE VE VE. Saint-Jean à Patmos annonce La Remise à l’Agneau des Destinées du Monde. Et au milieu du trône et à l’entour du trône quatre configurations de la matière animée avec des yeux partout devant derrière sur les côtés. Le premier est un Dernier Dinosaure qui contamine les corps. On l’appelle l’Être. Il est longtemps disparu et revient dans longtemps sans en être sûr. Le deuxième est un Aigle de Malheur annonçant un malheur. Le troisième est un Agneau bientôt égorgé. Le quatrième est un Agent Pathogène Opportuniste, capable de bien, capable de mal. Survenue du Naufrage. Remise au Petit Bourgeois Blanc des Destinées du Monde. La langue de Dieu et le Mijot de l’ardente rage de Dieu. L’Oiseau Moche annonce la Laideur. Les drogués ne sentent plus leurs corps, ni par devant ni par derrière, sur la terre surfacière et dans la mer aussi ; sur la terre planétaire et par la mer aussi. L’Oiseau Méchant annonce l’arrivée d’Amertume dans les Miels. L’entrée triomphante du peuple des Adultes dans la Place-à-Être. Le Petit Bourgeois Blanc égorgé. Louange, honneur, éloge funèbre, amours orgues délices, ors et cieux, champs élysées. L’Oiseau Teigneux annonce des teignes. LE SAUVETAGE. Ah non. Non. Le sauvetage était en fait un récit de sauvetage envoyé par l’Oiseau Malcouquant. Tous les oiseaux croassent pour mille ans. Ouais ouais ouais. L’Oiseau Moche et Méchant repasse devant, L’Oiseau repasse moche et méchant derrière. L’Oiseau Gentil de la Drogue paraît et donne le Premier Putain d’Ordre : prends le livre et mange-le ; c’est du miel en bouche mais c’est aigre à la digestion. Gloire et puissance du mielenbouche ; mauvaise condition postprandiale. Un putain d’ordre. Un putain d’ordre. L’Aigle de Message annonce le règne du peuple Adulte dans la Place-à-Être pour les mille années à venir. Ouais ouais ouais. Mangeage du livre, obéissure au Putain d’Ordre de l’Oiseau Gentil. (Effectivement c’est miel en bouche ; effectivement c’est aigre en gastre). Hölderlin à Patmos demande Ist der einfältige Himmel // Denn reich ? (Le ciel indivis est-il donc divisé ?) On m’annonce dans l’Oreillette que le ciel indivis serait variégé, dit Hölderlin, dit à Patmos, qui ajoute à Patmos avoir Hölderlin à Patmos un sentiment tantalien de type : j’ai plus reçu des dieux que ne puis digérer. Avis de Déluge. Urgence dans les voies efférentes. Les symbiotes sont ingérés, neutres en bouche, puis libérés comme des billes de shrapnel : on voit les morceaux dans le tout. Le gastre indivis serait donc variégé. On voit les morceaux du mijot asticotés par les symbiotes. Le mijot est un tout qui bout. Un rata vengeur fait passer l’Oiseau du Cancer qui, lui, a toujours quelque chose à dire.


Leur savoir est apocalyptique: ils mènent de front l’exploration du faire et la destruction catastrophique du produit.
(Roland Barthes, PAM Manifestau)


VE VE VE. Prononcer ouais ouais ouais. Ça veut dire malheur x 3 en latin. Le ternaire menaçant de l’oiseau de malheur de l’Apocalypse de Jean, le mystère épileptisé.

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